Downtown Dancer

A dancer who aspires to become a world-renowned choreographer is about to embark on one of the most exciting summers of her life.

Nara Campbell, a nineteen-year-old college student, goes to Seoul, South Korea, in search for challenges. After being placed as an assistant choreographer of the famous group EXO, Nara faces emotions that she has never felt before.
False friendships, betrayals, intrigues and romance are some of the situations experienced by Nara in her stay at SM Entertainment. Will Nara succeed in her journey or deeply fail and lose her dream? Pinky promises aren't made to be broken, because the costs are too high. Her best friend or him? It's time to make decisions.

     " "Oh! I'm so glad I found you!" Exclaimed Oppa, putting his hand on the boy's shoulder, before turning to me. "Nara, this is Kai, one of the EXO's main dancers.
"Hi, I'm Nara Campbell. " I introduced myself, smiling.
"Annyeong haseyo! I am EXO Kai." He said and bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you."
Kai is high, have white-painted hair, brown or black eyes, I'm not sure, and displays a perfect smile. There is only one word to characterize the physical of Kai: Beautiful. Now I understand why Summer goes crazy when she's watching them on youtube. If all of them are like this, I fully understand the reason for so much hysteria." " 
- Wellcome to SMEntertainment

Maria - xx

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